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How It Works? List Your Home for 1% and Get Full Service Real Savings*

Pay as low as 1% of sale price to Listing Broker when sale price is $300,000 or more*


*1. Seller pays 4% ( 1% to Seller’s Broker + 3% Listing Broker share to Buyer’s Broker)

*2. Exclusive Listing Contract with Gadhiya Realty 

*3. Home Buyer receives Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships from Gadhiya Realty

*4. Seller Property Condition Disclosure from Seller

*5. Lead Based or any other Disclosure from Seller as and when applicable

*6. Sale price must be 300,000 or more.

*contact for more details.

What do you get for 1%?

  • Full Service Real Estate From List to Close

  • Beautiful Photography

  • Strongest Online Presence for your Listing

  • Open House

  • Professional Flyers Promoting your Home

  • Agent/Broker working to Sell Your Home


How 1% Listing Charge works?

As Example:

In Hypothetical Scenario, Seller John Doe hired a Broker SS Realty. House was sold to Buyer Smith Smith, represented by Broker BB. Seller will be pay

House sold for: $500,000

Seller Pays to Broker SS 4% = $20,000

Broker SS splits commission with Broker BB and Broker BB gets 3% = $15,000

Broker SS gets 1% commission = $5000

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