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Make some cash back from our Home Buyer REBATE Program, only available to Gadhiya Realty clients!!


50% REBATE of our Real Estate Commission to our Home Buyers When Purchase Price is 300,000 or more*


Buy a home with us and receive 50% cash rebate of our commission.*     

* Qualification Requirements

*1. Home Buyer receives Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships from Gadhiya Realty

*2. Pre-Approval Letter from Lender

*3. Home Buyer must be represented exclusively by Gadhiya Realty

*4. Rebate Information along with Pre-Approval Letter must be presented with Purchase Offer to Listing Agent at time of offer by Gadhiya Realty

*5. Transaction from Offer to Closing must be maintained by Gadhiya Realty as Home Buyer’s exclusive agent, may involve other parties

*6. Purchase price must be 300,000 or more.

*7.  50% rebate on resale home purchases – subject to a minimum commission of 1.5% to Gadhiya Realty

*8. For Sale By Owner- Buyer will be responsible to pay 1% commission to Gadhiya Realty when no agent involved and Seller is not willing to pay.

*contact for more details.



As Example:

In Hypothetical Scenario, Seller John Doe hired a Broker SS. Seller negotiated 6% commission to list the house with the Broker SS. SS decided to share 3% commission from his part to BB, Buyer’s Broker.

Purchase Price of House: 500,000

Seller Pays to SS = 6% = 30,000

SS Pays to BB = 3% = 15,000

Buyer Gets REBATE from BB = 1.5% = 7,500

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